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all for stained glass and fusing
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Flashed glass

Lamberts Mouthblown Flashed glassLamberts flashed on clear

By blowing a coloured layer(or several) over a solid clear or coloured base glass, Lamberts is able to produce almost any colour known to man. Flashed glasses have limitless possibilities. By using such a thin layer very subtle and very transparent tones can be created even with the deepest colours. When using an opaque flash, Lamberts creates a dense opacity with the perfect cutting properties of their solid clear glass. Besides a plain, even flash it's also possible to create a variegated, streaky, dipped, dotted, double flash and many, many more different styles. Please take a peek at the Lamberts webpages for a first impression.

Sheet size: 60 x 88 cm(colours will and size may vary).