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all for stained glass and fusing
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HotPot magnetronfusing

HotPot microwave glass fusing Glass fusing in the microwave HotPot

The HotPot is a small pot that can by used in a normal microwave kiln for glass fusing (melting) glass jewellery. You can easily make great colliers, broches earrings etc. out of glass in a quick, safe and affordable way. Glass fusing is now accessable for everyone. You do not need to have a big, expensive glass fusing kiln. Everyone can do it in a normal microwave kiln.  

Starters kit for microwave glass-fusing

The Hotpot is available as a single pot in two dimensions. To make it easy to start we also offer a complete microwave glass-fusing starters kit (the Hotbox) which includes all kind of microwave glass-fusing products (different colours, Millifiori, Dichroics,etc.), easy tools, jewellery parts and separators to avoid the glass sticking to the suface of the pot. Experience with glass-fusing is not necessary. You will find an extensive manual in every HotPot. 

Ask for tipsheets and the manual:

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